Jun 22

Cloud Computing: Making the right choice

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The concept of cloud computing is quickly scaling the chasm between hype and reality. Cloud Computing is rapidly becoming popular amongst enterprises that realize the benefits of shared infrastructure, lowered costs and minimal management overheads. But not all organizations and applications may benefit from a cloud computing platform. A legacy application ported in a native fashion to a cloud computing platform may not utilize any of the platform’s USPs at all. More importantly, wrong choice of platform can be disastrous. Deciding the optimal cloud vendor or platform for your requirements is a complex task.
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Apr 30

The call for papers for the 1st IndicThreads.com Conference On Upcoming Technology is now open. The topic for the 2010 conference is “Cloud Computing“. The conference will be held in Pune, India on 20, 21 August 2010. Visit http://u10.indicthreads.com/ for conference details. http://u10.indicthreads.com/register/ for the registration process.

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