Janakiram MSV - Speaker Cloud Computing Conference

Janakiram MSV

Janakiram MSV works with Microsoft Corporation as the Technical Architect. He is responsible for helping the enterprise customers and Independent Software Vendors migrate to the Microsoft Cloud Computing platform. He has been with Microsoft Corporation for 10 years where he was primarily selling, marketing and evangelizing the Microsoft Application Platform and Tools to customers and partners in India.
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Simone Brunozzi - Speaker Cloud Computing Conference

Simone Brunozzi

Simone Brunozzi is a technology enthusiast, involved in IT and computing since an early age. He joined Amazon.com in March 2008 in the role of Amazon Web Services Technology Evangelist, traveling across Europe and vicinity to showcase the innovative new solutions by Amazon Web Services and help developers build businesses and applications. He is following the “Cloud Computing” paradigm shift since 2005. In January 2010 he relocated to Singapore, becoming the first AWS Technology Evangelist for the APAC region.
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Arun Gupta - Speaker Cloud Computing Conference

Arun Gupta

Arun Gupta is a Java EE and GlassFish evangelist working at Oracle. Arun has over 14 years of experience in the software industry working in the Java platform and several web-related technologies. In his current role, he works to create and foster the community around Java EE 6 and GlassFish. He has participated in several standard bodies and worked amicably with members from other companies. He has been with the Java EE team since its inception and contributed to all Java EE releases in different capacity. Arun has extensive world wide speaking experience on myriad of topics and love to engage with the community every where. He is a prolific blogger and his blog has over 1000 blog entries with frequent visitors from all the world.

  1. Running your Java EE 6 applications in the Cloud

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Narinder Kumar - Speaker Cloud Computing Conference

Narinder Kumar

Narinder is co-founder of Inphina Technologies. He has been in IT industry for 14 years. During this period, he has worked across various phases of Software development life-cycle in Services, Product Development and Research organizations in different domains and countries. He has performed under different capacities from System Administrator to Director Technology. All these experiences have helped him immensely to develop his technical, business and people management skills. Continue reading »

Chirag Jog - Speaker Cloud Computing Conference

Chirag Jog

Chirag Jog, currently CTO at Clogeny Technologies is focused on cloud computing, virtualization and allied domains. He has previously been associated with companies like IBM and AppliedMicro.He has worked primarily on Linux, across the stack from the user level multi-threaded applications to low level hardware drivers. He has contributed code to multiple Open Source projects including the Linux Kernel and Linux Test Project. He has spoken in front of Graduate/Post Graduate level of students at Universities in India during his time at IBM . Chirag Jog, is a Bachelor of Engineer from PICT, Pune University.

  1. Lets SAASify that Desktop Application

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Sameer Naik - Speaker Cloud Computing Conference

Sameer Naik

Sameer Naik is currently working with BMC Software as a Product Developer. He holds a B.E in Electronics and Telecommunication from the University of Pune. He is also a Sun certified programmer.

  1. Open Source Private Clouds – Eucalyptus

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Prasad Nirantar - Speaker Cloud Computing Conference

Prasad Nirantar

Prasad is a Staff Product Developer at BMC Software. He holds a B.E in Polymer Engineering from the University of Pune and an MS from University of Akron, US. He also did a diploma course in business management from Symbiosis University

  1. Open Source Private Clouds – Eucalyptus

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Naresh Khalasi - Speaker Cloud Computing Conference

Naresh Khalasi

Naresh is software professional with 13 years of IT experience of which 7 years in techno-managerial role handling J2EE projects. Starting his career as a mainframe programmer, he graduated into J2EE technologies and delivered projects in domains like Trades & Securities, Equipment Leasing and Infrastructure Monitoring. He has been working with Java/J2ee stack for about 9 years and has now moved to Python, while also moving his infrastructure scope to the cloud. He is currently employed as a core product developer at Vayana Enterprises. Continue reading »

Vineet Mago - Speaker Cloud Computing Conference

Vineet Mago

Vineet is software developer with 11 years of experience in banking and internet applications. He has spent half of career in startups as member of initial development teams, which shows his passion for technology, design and programming. Apart from programming, his expertise also lies in understanding challenges and problems revolving around internet application security and providing solutions for them. Having worked in Java/J2EE technology stack for over 10 years, he now works at Vayana Enterprises building SaaS based solutions using Python as the programming language along with special focus on security aspects of the solution.
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Vikas Hazrati - Speaker Cloud Computing Conference

Vikas Hazrati

Vikas is the co-founder and software craftsman at Inphina. He is responsible for product development, exploring new and promising technologies, exploring best practices of distributed software development and contributing to the technology road-map for the organization.
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Prabodh Navare - Speaker Cloud Computing Conference

Prabodh Navare

Prabodh Navare is Senior Manager with SAS Research and Development (India) Pvt. Ltd. He has helped architect applications in on J2EE and Microsoft platforms and is presently architect for Manufacturing Solutions in SAS. He has conducted trainings in architecture and technology in India and abroad.
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Kalpak Shah - Speaker Cloud Computing Conference

Kalpak Shah

Kalpak Shah is Founder & CEO of Clogeny Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and guides the overall strategic direction of the company. Clogeny is focused on providing services and consultancy in the cloud computing and storage domains. He is passionate about the ground-breaking economics and technology afforded by the cloud computing platforms. He has been working on various cloud platforms including IaaS, PaaS and SaaS vendors.
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