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Simone Brunozzi

Simone Brunozzi is a technology enthusiast, involved in IT and computing since an early age. He joined in March 2008 in the role of Amazon Web Services Technology Evangelist, traveling across Europe and vicinity to showcase the innovative new solutions by Amazon Web Services and help developers build businesses and applications. He is following the “Cloud Computing” paradigm shift since 2005. In January 2010 he relocated to Singapore, becoming the first AWS Technology Evangelist for the APAC region.
Of Italian origins, Simone loves travelling, meeting people and connecting with them. He loves blogging on, and has interests in clean energies, technology, travels, and innovation.

Prior to joining Amazon, Simone had his own IT consultancy business in Italy. He also served as a professor of Programming Languages and Compilers at Perugia University and worked as a CTO at the University for Foreigners in Perugia. In 2009 he has been awarded the “Informatico dell’anno” award (best Computer Science person) by the Italian Computer Science Association.

Simone has a Computer Science degree with best marks from Perugia University; he spent a semester at UC Irvine, California, where he studied the American approach to business and science. He gained early programming and large scale systems experience at the Ministry of Aerial Defense in Rome, Italy.

  1. Introduction to Amazon EC2, virtual servers in the Cloud

Simone Brunozzi will be presenting at the Conference On Cloud Computing to be held in Pune, India on 20,21 August 2010.Click here for a list of other Speakers & Sessions @ The Conference

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