Google App Engine has become a powerful PaaS provider in last couple of years. With Java support enabled, its scope has further increased. This session presents the options we have in terms of testing on Google App Engine. Following is an overview of the proposed agenda:

  • Running Test suites of Applications not built for Google App Engine
  • An over-view of Google Cloud Cover
  • Advantages & Limitations of Cloud Cover
  • Integration of Existing Test Suites in Google Cloud Cover
  • Local Testing of Applications built for Google App Engine
  • DataStore Testing
  • Memcache Testing
  • Task-Queue Testing
  • Authentication API Testing

Takeaways from the session
Introduction of new Framework which can allow parallel and faster execution of long running test-suites on GAE infrastructure. Information about various Testing frameworks provided by GAE, which helps in simulating actual GAE environment when developing applications for GAE.

Speaker: Narinder Kumar
This session on “Testing Your Application on / for Google App Engine” will be presented at the 1st Conference On Cloud Computing to be held in Pune, India on 20,21 August 2010.Click here for a list of other Sessions @ The Conference

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