Desktop stand alone applications can reach a limited user base, but once put on to the cloud can help grow sales almost exponentially. The main challenge is though, porting that application to the Cloud quickly to gain an edge over competitors. Using various PaaS solutions like GoogleAppEngine, Salesforce’s etc. might sound the right solution but may require entire rewrite of the application along with associated libraries and dependencies.

Also sometimes the application will use some library/tool/software/API which may not be available. Alternatives maybe available but again time is spent evaluating, integrating and testing. Here the robustness of your application is lost as well the time-to-market is severely increased, giving your competitors an edge.

The aim of this talk is to how to easily SaaSify your application onto the cloud with minimal changes to your existing robust application.

The talk will show by using Amazon EC2 and a LAMP stack as an example, how an existing stand alone desktop application can be converted to use the Elasticity and Flexibility of Cloud Computing.

The talk will take a sample application and will cover:

  1. Converting the app from a standalone app to a client-server model.(LAMP).
  2. Adding Business Logic for using Cloud components effectively.
  3. Effectively Using various EC2 offerings like AMS, Simple Queue Service, Auto Scaling and Simple Storage Solution
  4. Integrating offering into front-end web portal.

Takeaways from the session
Understanding how to exploit the cloud-vendor offerings in the best way possible, Integration of business logic into cloud vendor APIs properly, Exposure Amazon EC2’s apis and offerings.

Speaker: Chirag Jog
This session on “Lets SAASify that Desktop Application” will be presented at the 1st Conference On Cloud Computing to be held in Pune, India on 20,21 August 2010.Click here for a list of other Sessions @ The Conference

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